Manyat is the name of the Peak to the rear of our 125 acre farm in Porongurup and our cottages offer views from this peak down to Gibraltar Rock. A short stroll uphill on the farm provides stunning views of the Stirling Range to the north.

Although we have lived in the area for a few years, we fell in love with the, then bare, property in 2011. In fact, as we walked around, Lorna sat on a log in one of the bush areas as birds fluttered and Kangaroos fussed around and stated she was staying! So, we decided to purchase it and move.

Early 2012 saw the commencement of our house which now stands in the centre followed by Manyat Peak Cottages which were completed in February 2013

The cottages are individually named after locally occurring birds, the Boobook Owl and Carnaby's Cockatoo. They are approximately 70 metres apart and stand in their own paddock.

Placement between the renowned Maleeya's Thai restaurant and Hillside Bamboo nursery to our east and the awarded Duke's Winery to the west provides a two attractive activities within a short walk.

At present, on the farm we graze our small herd of Dexter cattle. Our ladies currently number 9 and are looked after by our young bull "Galaxy". We always have a number of calves of varying ages.

We keep and breed our own chickens. We currently have black Australops looked after by "Buster" the rooster. Our blue Australops and our Light Sussex are looked after by "Speckle" the rooster. He also keeps an eye on our selection of cross breed layers.

We don't farm intensively and, although not certified, we are as organic as possible. This leaves plenty of pasture to share with the native Kangaroo families which are abundant, particularly in the evenings.

Rob and Lorna hope you will enjoy being at Manyat Peak as much as they do!

About Manyat Peak

Rosie, our latest family addition

Dusty, our friendly Kelpie,

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